Tuna Salad – Nutrisystem Lunch

Sorry to say this, but when most regular folk make tuna salad, they tend to go over the top and turn this otherwise healthy dish into a nutritional disaster. That is why tuna salad has on average 383 calories of energy, unless you are getting it from Nutrisystem, in which case it will have just 120 calories.


And now you are probably wondering, what does it even taste like? They must have changed the choice of ingredients quite a bit. True, Nutrisystem have had to use a more restrictive list of ingredients, but the tuna salad taste is still there, I truly loved this dish.

In fact, when you consider the dietary limits they had to stick to when making this dish, you will love it even more. In their description of this lunch item, Nutrisystem claims that they have made it with a sophisticated twist, and I had to agree when I looked at the dish, felt what it tasted like, looked at the ingredients list, and saw how many calories were present in the meal.

This tuna salad has just 7 grams of fat. It also has no dietary fiber, although it does have 13 grams of protein, which makes it a high protein meal. And as I mentioned earlier, you will get 150 calories from eating this salad.

Regular tuna salad will usually have very high fat and sodium content. But with this tuna salad version, you will get just 7 grams of fat, and only 12% of your recommended daily sodium intake. A homemade tuna salad is known for providing 50% of the required daily sodium intake.

This meal contains sizable chunks of tuna, onions, egg, vinegar, pickled cucumber, chestnuts, soybean, and other ingredients typically found in a regular helping of tuna salad. This meal is also appropriate for diabetics.

But to be completely honest, the taste you will get out of this meal will depend on what you add to it. Nutrisystem recommends that you enjoy the dish as a sandwich with a whole grain roll. You could also use it as a salad topper. This last option gave me the best experience of this meal. But that’s the good thing about versatility, it lets you find your favorite option. And this tuna salad certainly gives you this choice.


You only need to serve it with a small whole grain roll once you receive the package, or use it as a salad topper.

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