I Tried Nutrisystem’s Diet Hamburger and It Was Really Good!

For people trying to lose weight, hamburgers are the ultimate temptation from which they must stay away from. Packed with high saturated fat, sugar, sodium, and calories, Hamburgers have a reputation for killing diet plans. However, not all burgers are made by the devil. I found that Nutrisystem’s Diet Hamburger, in particular, is a great compromise between taste and health. With its soft bun, juicy beef patty, and low calories, Nutrisystem’s Hamburger has all that I ever wanted in a comfort food.


There’s no excess of fat, sodium, or anything unhealthy in these babies. Each one has only 240 calories, which I can easily burn in a single workout. Speaking of which, the 14g of protein it contains also helps me put on muscle instead of fat. Plus, its 8g of fat and 5g of dietary fiber ensure that I don’t have any problems with my digestion.

Each one is made using whole grain buns that are deliciously soft and low in calories. But the highlight of the burger is definitely the huge patty. This is bigger than the buns itself and is made of high-protein, low-fat beef. Which is nothing like the low-quality compound beef they use on the street. Despite its deceptively small size, I found this burger to be very filling. Which helps to take care of my cravings while I’m losing weight.


I was especially surprised by how tasty this hamburger is. The bun is sweet and soft, although it’s so small that it always leaves me wanting more. The patty, on the other hand, is huge and so tasty that even when I eat a burger without any condiments, lettuce, or tomato it still tastes great. However, no one can accuse this burger of not being a team player, since it goes so well with a wide variety of ingredients.

Tip: Have an Ice Cream Sandwich after the Hamburger.

Toppings can make or break a hamburger and your diet. That’s why I like to keep it simple so my burgers are flavorful but still aren’t too big to be unwieldy to eat. This is done quite easily with this hamburger, as all that’s needed to prepare a great lunch is adding some onions, tomato, lettuce, and a bit of mayo. No ketchup or mustard is needed in this burger as it tastes better the fewer ingredients you put in it.


Preparing one is also a quick, straightforward process. All that’s needed is to microwave it for 1-1/2 minutes and it’s ready to eat. However, taking a little bit of extra time on the preparation really pays off in the end. Especially when, after heating it up in the microwave, I fry the patty on a pan with some peppers and onions, put the buns on a toaster, and then just customize it to how I want it.

Some of my favorite combinations include green peppers and fried onions, or horseradish with tomatoes and lettuce. But regardless of what toppings are used, there’s no doubt that this is a comfort food that people can actually look forward to!

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