Nutrisystem: Chocolate Brownie Sundae

You know what the worst thing about being an obese grown woman is?

It is not that feeling I get when I have to climb a flight of stairs and feel like my lungs are giving up on me. It is not the judgmental looks I get every time I go to the supermarket. Heck, it’s not even the constant fat-shaming from my family and friends!

The worst thing about being an obese grown woman is having a sweet tooth.

Nutrisystem chocolate brownie sundae

Yes, you read that right! This little devil has been the bane of my existence ever since I decided to lose the flab.

All it takes is one five-year-old walking past me with a gooey double chocolate ice-cream cone, and the next thing I know I have forgotten all about my diet and am on my fourth ginormous ice-cream sundae. It’s like my brain short-circuits around sweet stuff, and the sheer disgust of having to eat “healthy food” spurs on the insanity!

Until now.

The first time I tried Nutrisystem’s chocolate brownie sundae – which was on the insistence of a friend – I was expecting a disgusting mouthful of fake ice-cream and cake – the kind that coats the back of your throat and prevents any further desire to eat food for the rest of the day. Therefore, to say I was surprised by the deliciousness would be a massive understatement.

One bite and I was back in Grandma’s kitchen, eating the most-insane bowlful of melting chocolate ice-cream with her fresh-out-of-the-oven brownies. So when I found myself staring at an empty cup and wondering if I had just fought with my cousins over stolen bites from each other’s bowls, I knew I had to research the hell out of the product.

My findings: this is a legit piece of heaven on Earth. The same is true for the Nutrisystem chocolate cake, by the way.

I won’t go into the calorie-counts and nutrient info (because that will lead you into a snore-fest), but what I will tell you is this: the chocolate brownie sundae uses some of the finest ingredients known to the world of calorie-conscious, health freaks, and contributes amazingly well towards your daily protein and fiber intake.

In fact, Nutrisystem has a lot of chewy-goodness to offer. From breakfast to dinner, they have you covered. And their focused diet plans, partnered with healthy exercise, is working wonders for people who have tried it.

For now I am still exploring this wonderful world of satisfying my sweet tooth without feeling like death is taunting me from a distance. But I will definitely check out their complete diet plans in the future. I know Nutrisystem has coupons, so I will make sure I take advantage of this. Read my Nutrisystem review.