Ice Cream Sandwich – Nutrisystem Snack

I love that Nutrisystem has the guts to make healthy alternatives to timeless classics, many health food companies have tried that and failed. And I give them full marks for their Ice Cream Sandwich, a snack meant for people who are trying to attain a healthy weight.

Traditionally, the Ice Cream Sandwich is a very tasty treat, and it’s very easy to disappoint your fans when you are trying to substitute some of the main flavor-filled ingredients in this snack with healthy alternatives. Today, many popular foods get their flavors from artificial chemicals. This ice cream sandwich has none of these dangerous chemicals.

But the taste is far from bland. So much so that you almost get suspicious as to how healthy it really is. In my experience, and I think most people would agree, many healthy foods are not particularly worth looking forward to eating because the flavor is usually below par.

But this snack is a welcome exception. It does not have a “diet food flavor” at all. In fact, the taste on this snack does not remind you of a healthy diet. Believe it or not, the flavoring on this snack is all natural, and the milk used for the ice cream nonfat. So, healthy ingredients all the way.

I love leading a healthy life, and for most part, that comes down to eating healthy. Nutrisystem meals have helped me with this. All I can say, after experiencing what Nutrisystem’s Ice Cream Sandwich, is that it has never felt so rewarding to make this lifestyle choice. The snack is full prove that you don’t have to deprive yourself of all things delicious when you decide to follow a healthy diet.

This treat has just 130 calories, that’s more than a 100 calories below what some popular ice cream sandwiches have. And the fat content in this sandwich is only 2 grams. You can also consider this snack a good source of protein and dietary fiber as it contains 4 and 5 grams of dietary fiber and protein respectively.

The ingredients in this Ice Cream Sandwich also make it appropriate for diabetics and vegetarians. So, everyone is welcome to try out this treat. It is very sweet, but also very healthy. The only issue you might have with this snack is that you will enjoy it so much that you might feel like you have ruined your diet plan.


You don’t need to do any preparations before eating the Nutrisystem Ice Cream Sandwich. It is ready to eat right from the box.